Heather Ravenscroft


Get to Know Mrs. Ravenscroft!

How long have you worked at Queen of the Apostles?
I worked here 3-4 years, took a year off, and have been employed again going on my second year.

What do the best part about working here?
I love the fact that we can instill a base of FAITH first and foremost in our work and our students.Through Jesus all things are possible!

What is your favorite season?
Fall. I love that time of year due to the colors changing, temperatures cooling, and life tends to calm down. I love picking apples, hiking, and doing things outdoors. It puts a smile on my face.

What is one skill you'd love to master?
Making jewelry. I find much joy in my favorite pieces of jewelry. The skill, art, and time that goes into each piece.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Hanging out with my husband and kiddos. Weekends quiet down and we do lots of things together like bumming around, watching movies, camping, and laughing about many funny things.

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