Scrip Program

What is Scrip Fundraising?

When you hear the word “fundraising,” you probably associate it with an abundance of wrapping paper, containers of cookie dough, and trinkets galore. What do these very popular types of fundraisers have in common? They all revolve around the selling of overpriced products that most people could live without. Scrip fundraising sets itself apart in this regard, as its purpose is to fundraise while you shop!

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop. Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for your organization when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money.

The Basics of a Scrip Program

  • You buy gift cards through our scrip program at face value. (Chosen from nearly 400 national retail stores where you already shop! See the list below.)
  • We buy the gift cards at 1-20% less than face value (varies by retailer).
  • You shop like normal.
  • The difference between face value and what your organization pays = your organization’s earnings.
  • That’s it!

Top Five Family Benefits

  • Plan ahead to buy groceries, gas and other household expenses with gift cards from scrip.
  • Shop in-store or online with participating retailers.
  • Use gift cards to pay at checkout, just like they would use a credit/debit card, but without the fraud risk.
  • Scrip program earnings are much greater than credit card rewards.
  • No unnecessary spending, families spend their planned household budget at stores they already frequent.

Where Can I Buy Scrip?

Scrip is sold Monday-Friday in the parish office, and after every Mass at the Scrip table in the entrance of Church. Or pick up an order form from the office or Scrip table and mail the order in with your payment.

Guaranteed Orders

To guarantee your order, have your order and payment into the parish office by 9:00am on Mondays to ensure delivery by Fridays. This is recommended if you have a large order, so that we can make sure we have everything you need.

Thanks for helping out Queen of the Apostles Parish and School!


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Online Giving

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